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Table 2 Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria

From: Context, complexity and process in the implementation of evidence-based innovation: a realist informed review

 Inclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Context /setting:Health care focus and acute care settingNo health care focus, non-acute care setting
Level of measure:Minimum one organization measureNo discussion/measures/outcomes at organizational level
Addresses a knowledge translation innovation:YesNo
Has evidence of complexity:Multiple stakeholders
Involves actions of multiple people/teams
Chains or steps in a process
Non-liner processes
Embedded in social systems
Prone to modification or change
Does not meet complexity criteria
Location:Developed world
Stable health care system-comparable to Canadian system
acute care
Developing world, health care context without stable health care infrastructure
Intervention types:Multi, program or complex innovation(s)Single or simple innovations/or technology product
Study/publication types:Empirical, theoretical, expert opinion, reviewsConference proceedings, books and book chapters, unpublished work
Accessibility:English language, retrievableNon-English, non-retrievable
Addresses factors of interest:Context, complexity and processDoes not address context, complexity and process