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Table 1 Search Terms

From: Context, complexity and process in the implementation of evidence-based innovation: a realist informed review

SearchItemSearch Terms
ExploratoryTheoretical Pathwaysknowledge translation, research utilization
Refined searchKnowledge Translationknowledge translation, knowledge transfer, knowledge exchange, knowledge dissemination, knowledge application, knowledge cycle, delivery. Knowledge management
Research Utilizationresearch; utilization, transfer, translational; science, medicine, implementation science
Complexitycomplex, complexity, complex interventions
Knowledge Translation Interventionsimplementation, barriers, facilitators, guidelines, interventions, education, continuing education, coach, champions, change leader knowledge broker, audit and feedback
Contextacute care, hospital
Processchange, adoption, innovation adoption, program change, research-practice gap, behavioral change, reform
AuthorsStraus, S., Greenhalgh, T., Graham, I., Grimshaw, J., Berta, W., Kitson, A., Estabrooks, C., Logan, J., Rogers, E., Pettigrew, M., Pawson, R., Grol, R., Fineout-Overholt, Raycroft-Malone, J.
Additional terms in final searchknowledge use, policies, spread, quality improvement, best practice, organization, system, integrate, (removed learning)