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Table 3 Characteristics of medicines requested in lawsuits from January 2003 to December 2015 (n = 1.501)

From: Institutional strategies as a mechanism to rationalize the negative effects of the judicialization of access to medicine in Brazil

Variablesn (%)
ATC Classificationa
 Alimentary tract and metabolism416 (27.7)
 Blood and blood forming organs75 (5.0)
 Cardiovascular system414 (27.6)
 Dermatological20 (1.3)
 Genital and urinary system and sex hormones42 (2.8)
 Systemic hormonal preparations15 (1.0)
 Anti-infective for systemic use23 (1.5)
 Antineoplastic and immunomodulation agents13 (0.9)
 Muscular-skeletal system63 (4.2)
 Nervous system314 (20.9)
 Anti-parasitic products, insecticides and repellents11 (0.7)
 Respiratory system42 (2.8)
 Sensory organs47 (3.1)
 Various5 (0.4)
Classification of medicines
 Within the SUS formulary685 (45.7)
 Outside the SUS formulary with a therapeutic alternative430 (28.6)
 Outside the SUS formulary without a therapeutic alternative386 (25.7)
  1. aAnatomical Therapeutic Chemical