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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of respondents in Tigray region, Northern Ethiopia, 2018(N = 411)

From: Implementation status of household contact tuberculosis screening by health extension workers: assessment findings from programme implementation in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia

 Mean age40.2 (+  15.52 SD) years
Marital status
 Currently in union26865.2
 Currently not in uniona14334.8
Educational status
 House wife204.9
 Governmental employed174.1
Family size
  < 417843.3
  > 86215.1
Place of residence
Availability of public transport to diagnostic facility
Types of district
Time taken to reach health post
  < 30 Minutes31576.6
  > 30 Minutes9623.4
Time taken to reach health center
  < 1 h37290.5
  > 1 h399.5
Average household monthly income in US Dollar (USD)
  < 74.00 USD33782
  > 74.00 USD7418
  1. Currently not in uniona (single, widowed, divorce and separated)