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Table 1 Tuberculosis treatment outcome categories modified from WHO definitions [5]

From: Review of tuberculosis treatment outcome reporting system in Denmark, a retrospective study cohort study from 2009 through 2014

Treatment outcomeDefinition
CuredTB confirmed by culture at the beginning of treatment and culture negative in the last month of treatment and on at least one previous occasion.
Treatment CompletedTB treatment completed without evidence of failure, but without fulfilling the above mention criteria
Treatment successThe sum of cured and treatment completed
DiedA TB patient who dies for any reason before starting or during TB treatment.
Treatment failedPositive culture during last month of the continuation phase
Lost to follow-upA TB patient who did not start treatment or whose treatment was interrupted for 2 consecutive months or more.
TransferA TB patient who permanently leaves Denmark during TB treatment
Not evaluatedA TB patient who does not fit into other categories
Still on treatmentA TB patient who were still on treatment at time of study termination