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Table 4 Results of interrater reliability study

From: Supporting the clinical use of the ICF in Japan – development of the Japanese version of the simple, intuitive descriptions for the ICF Generic-30 set, its operationalization through a rating reference guide, and interrater reliability study

  Complete agreementWeighted kappa (linear weight)Missing values
d230Carrying out daily routine70.9%0.6121
d240Handling stress and other psychological demands74.4%0.7014
d410Changing basic body position81.0%0.810
d415Maintaining a body position81.0%0.790
d420Transferring oneself81.8%0.791
d450 IWalking (indoors)80.6%0.742
d450 OWalking (outdoors and rough roads)83.1%0.8217
d455Moving around73.5%0.731
d465Moving around using equipment64.9%0.7229
d470Using transportation77.1%0.6741
d510Washing oneself70.0%0.750
d520Caring for body parts74.0%0.720
d570Looking after one’s health69.4%0.6315
d640Doing housework72.7%0.7343
d660Assisting others80.9%0.8446
d710Basic interpersonal interactions76.0%0.660
d770Intimate relationships82.8%0.6830
d850Remunerative employment76.5%0.7737
d920Recreation and leisure49.4%0.6119