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Table 3 Item analysis of the 33 items in the Heart Continuity of Care Questionnaire (HCCQ)

From: Continuity of care and its associations with self-reported health, clinical characteristics and follow-up services after percutaneous coronary intervention

HCCQ item number and descriptionsnMeanSDStrongly or somewhat disagree (%)Not applicable
Informational continuity
 Provided with information12914.061.1011.75
 Condition clearly explained12824.241.069.67
 Told what symptoms to expect12393.261.3330.334
 Given opportunity to ask questions12534.171.0810.131
 Medication explained.12554.081.2313.130
 Told when and how to take medication12514.490.996.829
 Told about potential side effects12552.701.3748.828
 Told what to do if side effects occurred12562.361.3161.231
 Given same information about medications12273.471.3221.748
 Told what changes to make to diet12072.561.3950.967
 Instruction to plan own daily meals12052.521.3953.464
 Explained influence on lifestyle12202.521.3452.957
 Explained physical activity12292.621.4249.944
 Providers communicated well in hospital12334.111.035.845
 Well prepared for discharge12653.441.3125.416
 Told what symptoms to call doctor about12522.911.4441.925
 Consistent information about symptoms to seek help for11862.971.3835.768
Relational continuity
 Providers communicated well in planning move12323.971.1510.147
 Providers communicated well after discharge11113.461.1915.7149
 Providers obtained needed information from other providers11443.881.066.6105
 Family physician involved in care12033.451.4124.969
 Knew who to contact about problems after discharge12263.191.5836.641
 Satisfied with care after discharge11703.951.2212.5101
 After discharge, could access services10783.591.3519.3185
 Doctor is aware of blood test results12484.291.086.437
 Consistent information from doctors11423.671.3016.0112
 Consistent information from doctors and other providers11133.591.2916.8127
Management continuity
 Reviewed treatment plan11482.611.6353.5107
 Regularly scheduled appointments11713.131.7140.197
 Reviewed heart medication12223.021.7544.256
 Explained again how medication should be taken11972.721.7050.972
 Explained again potential side effects11932.041.4069.972
 Explained again what to do about side effects11931.961.3671.874
  1. Scores range from 1 to 5 with higher scores denoting more positive continuity experiences. Items in bold represents an area of concern (mean less than 3.75). Patients had the option to choose “not applicable”, for example a patient who did not receive services following discharge would choose this category. This category is not included in the denominator in the computation of percentages Strongly or somewhat disagree