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Table 2 Themes and descriptions/subthemes and the number of focus groups in which each theme was discussed

From: Development and psychometric evaluation of a questionnaire to measure cancer patients’ perception of care coordination

Themes Descriptions/Subthemes n FGs
Navigator Lack of navigator, navigator identification, information 7/7
Team Team-based care, change in physician/health provider, second opinion, specialist 6/7
Survey Survey structure, wording, survey format, global question 7/7
Communication Communication among health providers/between patient and health provider(s) 7/7
Access Access to treatment, availability of appointments 5/7
Insurance Health insurance coverage, inadequate coverage, billing-related issues 4/7
Providers Change in physician/health provider, second opinion, specialist 6/7
Support Support services, emotional/financial/social support, support groups 6/7
Advocacy Advocacy for treatment/information by family/friend/other 4/7
Education & Knowledge Treatment information, patient education, resources, alternative medicine, clinical trials, nutritionist 6/7
Advocate Need to serve as one’s own advocate, patient advocate providers, information delivery, electronic health records 3/7
Facility Privacy, cleanliness of facility 3/7
Timing Treatment stage, when navigator was assigned 1/7