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Table 3 Coding Tree

From: Examining health care providers’ and middle-level managers’ readiness for change: a qualitative study



Example Quote


Current inadequate patient services

We have our problems, as all places do, this new approach could help to fix some of the gaps

Need for coordination

[We need to] get everybody talking, everybody who’s involved, and make sure the information doesn’t slip through the cracks.


Enhanced patient services

I think the more you know about [Health Links] the more you understand how it works… and why it’s a good fit

Integration enhances partner relationships

You seek a clear difference in the way we work with our partner agencies in this approach…sure we’re all still figuring it out but it has clearly enhanced our communications with them


Personal valence

I hope that the integration will reduce my caseload

Patient valence

A lot of my clients appreciate having all their contact laid out for them

Health system valence

This really has the potential to change the system, but only if it’s done right


Formal training

There’s been some sessions organized by [Regional Authority] but nothing particularly helpful

Informal training

There was a lot of out of the box training that wasn’t organized by [Lead Site] or the Ministry


I think I’m sort of a champion for the approach, I’ve done some additional training and people come to me when they have questions… I’ve been told I’ve been helpful

Change management capability

We may be marginally trained in Health Links, but we are definitely not trained in how to change


Procedural fairness

[Name of site] had meetings and meetings with [name of manager] to discuss Health Links and we literally had none

Outcome fairness

There’s no way this is sustainable without more staff. We don’t have as many people as [other satellite site] –

Trust in management

Perception of middle managers

I have my own feelings about management that…shape my feeling of Health Links

Perception of Regional Authority

[Regional Authority] doesn’t exactly provide us with clear ways forward.