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Table 1 Characteristics of the study respondents (N=1043)

From: Reasons for allowing and refusing generic substitution and factors determining the choice of an interchangeable prescription medicine: a survey among pharmacy customers in Finland

Gender (n=1039a)
Age in years (n=1007a)
 ≥ 7519619.5
Area of residence (n=1030a)
 Southern Finland18417.9
 Southwestern Finland787.6
 Western and Central Finland25124.4
 Eastern Finland19218.6
 Northern Finland24223.5
Education (n=1027a)
 Basic education qualification22622.0
 Vocational upper secondary qualification or vocational college diploma39738.7
 Matriculation examination11711.4
 Lower university degree14414.0
 Higher university degree14313.9
Current use of prescription medicines (n=1023a)
 Both regularly and temporarily31530.8
  1. aSome of the respondents did not report their gender, age, area of residence, education or use of prescription medicines