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Table 2 Coding scheme

From: Negotiating bodily sensations between patients and GPs in the context of standardized cancer patient pathways – an observational study in primary care

Example of codesHaving trouble swallowing
Feeling like crap
Being worried
Asking opening questions
Asking about “alarm symptoms”
Asking to become sure
Showing with hands
Touching body
Taking notes
Giving patient time to speak
Asking for confirmation
Asking how to facilitate
Following instructions
Giving affirmation
Acknowledging efforts
Commending patient
Talking about what she wants
Wanting to rule out certain things
Giving other suggestions
Following guidelines
Motivating choices
Sub-categoriesPresenting sensations & emotionsAsking questions to get the pictureConvincing by showing symptomsProving that listeningFacilitating examinations
Looking for confirmation
Confirming patient
Confirming symptoms
Making demands
Initiating actions
Keeping the process on track (In) validating
Motivating choices
CategoriesJustifying care-seekingTransmitting credibilitySeeking and giving recognitionBalancing expectations with needs
Core categoryNegotiating bodily sensations to legitimize access