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Table 2 DHS dimensions abbreviation and description. Description of the dimensions the conceptualized instrument is comprised of. These include 3 overarching conceptualized dimensions presumed to further subdivide into eight sub-dimensions

From: Establishing content validity for a conceptualized instrument to measure barriers to eating a healthful diet in adults: a consensus approach

Whole Instrument
 Dietary Health Status (DHS)Comprises 8 sub-dimensions
Three overarching dimensions
 Dietary Access (DA)Comprises individuals’ financial resources, food security status, and access to local and federal governmental nutritional/food assistance programs, as well as non-governmental resources through community efforts that might influence diet.
 Dietary Quality (DQ)Comprises type of diet consumed, habits that might influence the quality of diet consumed [substances/drugs (i.e. illicit and non-illicit, alcohol, nicotine, marijuana)], practices such as eating out or carryout, and physical functioning.
 Dietary State-Of Mind (DS)Comprises an individual’s perception and knowledge about diet, health, and disease, as well as his/her mental and emotional functioning that reflect the state-of-mind regarding diet in general.
Eight Subdimensions
 Dietary Food Status (DFS) 
 Dietary Resource (DRS) 
 Dietary Quality Sub (DQS) 
 Dietary Quantity (DQN) 
 Dietary Habits (DHB) 
 Dietary Perception (DP1) 
 Dietary Knowledge (DKW) 
 Dietary Psyche (mental state)(DP2)