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Table 3 Welfare Characteristics of the Respondents

From: Does insurance protect individuals from catastrophic payments for surgical care? An analysis of Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme at Korle-Bu teaching Hospital

VariablesHealth insurance statusP- value (Fisher’s exact test)95% CI
Individual Gh¢ ($USD)
 Mean monthly income744.5 (78)800.64 (47)0.529680.5 - 850.7
House-hold Gh¢ ($USD)
 Mean monthly total expenditures904.3 (127)726.9 (69)0.027766.3-917.4
 Mean monthly non-food expenditures668.4. (127)531.4 (69)0.033559.6-680.8
Household wealth index %(N)a
 Poor33% (43)38% (26)0.471 
 Middle30%(38)35% (24) 
 Rich36%(46)28% (19) 
  1. Source: Authors; computed from individual survey data, 2017
  2. Ghana Cedis (Gh¢) 4.5= $1.0USD, March 2018
  3. T- test for equal means, significant level at 0.05
  4. aBased on principal component analysis of the response of individuals to 22 items which included households’ dwelling characteristics, access to utilities and ownership of consumer durables. (N) number of respondents