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Table 1 Results of clustering analysis, correspondence analysis and multidimensional scaling with respect to hospital structural measures.

From: An approach to exploring associations between hospital structural measures and patient satisfaction by distance‐based analysis

Hospital Characteristics n Doctor communi-cation Nurse communi-cation Clean-liness Pain management Overall rating Hospital recommendation Staff responsiveness Quiet-ness Medication explanation
Survey response size 50–299 912
Survey response size 300~ 2799
Acute care hospital 3145
Critical access hospital 566
health record usage
Yes 2142
No 1569
Yes 1013
No 2698
Yes 620
No 3091
Yes 1581
No 2130
Yes 1583
No 2128
  1. n = 3711 Table 1 describes all the results of the analyses with respect to hospital structural measures. Each hospital characteristic showed two clusters, with open and closed shapes indicating higher- and lower-scored clusters, respectively. Open shapes “” and “〇” indicates measures included in a better-rated group. Closed shapes “▲”, “■” and “” indicate measures included in a poorly rated group. Their shape differences suggest the possibilities of forming different groups, according to the results of correspondence analysis and MDS. For example, at all the hospitals two communication measures formed a better-rated group, suggested by “” shape and also at all hospitals staff responsiveness, quietness and medication explanation formed a poorly rated group suggested by closed shapes. However, cleanliness, pain management, overall rating and hospital recommendation show both of the open and closed shapes, suggesting hospital structural measures changed their ratings