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Fig. 6

From: An approach to exploring associations between hospital structural measures and patient satisfaction by distance‐based analysis

Fig. 6

Results of multidimensional scaling of hospitals performing cardiac surgery

n = 1013 In a scatter plot of MDS the lesser the similarity, the further apart the points (measures). Also, the measures around the coordinate origin display proximities, and the measures on the periphery display dissimilarities. Overall rating, pain management and cleanliness in the inner circle were located near the coodinate origin, whereas communication measures, quietness, and medication explanation were placed apart at the periphery indicated by the outer circle. Hospital recommendation and staff responsiveness were located midway between the measures near the coodinate origin and the periphery

Revised from Fig. 5 in Okuda M, Yasuda A, Tsumoto S. Factors of Patient Satisfaction based on distant analysis in HCAHPS Databases, IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Service (DMS2014), Shenzhen, China, December 14, 2014 [36]

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