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Fig. 2

From: An approach to exploring associations between hospital structural measures and patient satisfaction by distance‐based analysis

Fig. 2

Clustering results of hospitals performing cardiac surgery

n = 1013 “a” shows bar graphs of the proportions of each rating of the accumulated percentages by measures and “b” shows the dendrogram resulting from clustering of hospitals that performed cardiac surgery, with the rectangles indicating clusters. Numbers and a line at the top right indicate “Height,” which is distance. Large changes in height might be taken to indicate a particular number of clusters. Line “c” in Fig. 2 shows where to “cut” the dendrogram, indicating these hospitals performing cardiac surgery formed two clusters, with a better-rated cluster including doctor communication, nurse communication, pain management, overall rating, hospital recommendation and cleanliness, and a poorly rated cluster including medication explanation, staff responsiveness and quietness

Revised from Fig. 3 in Okuda M, Yasuda A, Tsumoto S. Factors of Patient Satisfaction based on distant analysis in HCAHPS Databases, IEEE International Workshop on Data Mining for Service (DMS2014), Shenzhen, China, December 14, 2014 [36]

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