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Table 5 Comparison of Conceptually Analogous Constructs from Consolidated Framework for Sustainability Constructs (CFSC), Integrated Sustainability Framework (ISF) and the British National Health Services Sustainability Index (BNHS-SI)

From: Influence of participation in a quality improvement collaborative on staff perceptions of organizational sustainability

CFSC Constructs ISF Constructs BNHS-SI Constructs Attributes Assessed
General resources Inner Context: Organizational resources/funding Infrastructure for sustainability Funding, infrastructure, staff, and time
Integration with existing programs and policies Inner Context: Climate/culture and policies
Intervention Characteristics: Fit with population and context
Organizations strategic aims and cultures Initiatives’ fit within organizational structures, programs, and policies
Demonstrating effectiveness Intervention Characteristics: Benefits Benefits of the change are immediately obvious and supported by evidence Assessing the impact of the intervention over time
Monitoring progress over time Processes: Program Evaluation Effectiveness of the system to monitor progress
Stakeholder participation Processes: Partnership/Engagement and Training/Support/Supervision Staff involvement Staff attitudes toward sustaining the change
Training and capacity building Training to sustain the process