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Table 6 Participants’ suggestions for reducing occupational burnout

From: Prevalence and associated factors for burnout among attending general surgeons: a national cross-sectional survey


n (%)

Development of a fair salary policy

518 (84.2)

Prevention of violence against health care workers

480 (78.0)

Reforms for reducing medical malpractice lawsuits

463 (75.2)

Improvement of working conditions

395 (64.2)

Reduction of patient burden/volume

386 (62.7)

Provision of a sufficient number of medical staff

351 (57.3)

Prevention of workplace bullying (mobbing)

319 (51.8)

Regulation of working hours (regular working hours)

290 (47.1)

Communication skills training for health care workers

188 (30.5)

Regular psychiatric support for health care workers

124 (20.1)