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Table 2 Post-implementation semi-structured interview illustrative quotes categorized by theme

From: Electronic medical record implementation in tertiary care: factors influencing adoption of an electronic medical record in a cancer centre

Category Quote Participant
Standardisation and completeness of data “One thing I like, now we are all in the same picture. Doctors, nurses and admin staff, everyone.” 2.1
“I think it is actually the generation of documentations: the letters, the fact that the template can be pulled across as a letter, I think is really useful. The template that we use now is a lot easier to use than it was.” 2.2
“it just minimises the risk of there being errors, because everything is done straight away.” 2.2
Effect on workload “I think it’s a lot more efficient, it cuts out a lot of excessive work, for us at least. And it’s a lot more accessible, the information.” 2.2
“I’m really enjoying the system … it saves a lot of time.” 2.2
“at first I thought it is going to be very easy, but now looking at the EMR, we’ve got a little bit more to do at this stage, because I think that a lot, little things need to be fixed there” 2.1
Feature completeness and functionality “if we open up the wrong encounter, we might generate a letter in the wrong encounter. That’s something that happens fairly commonly, or if we forget to add a patient to a patient list at the end of it all, then sometimes the admin staff get a bit cranky about that. The actual system itself, I think is really good.” 2.2
“issues with the features will lead to lack of usage and data loss” 2.3
“we actually phoned the EMR team and they said they are going to fix it, but not yet.” 2.1
“So, we have ... she’s not actually dedicated support, but she is someone who’s got excellent knowledge of Cerner now. And she’s sort of very responsive to any of our requests. So, she’s been really good, but prior to that ... this has been in the last, I would say, 12 months, but prior to that, we didn’t’ have a lot of support at all. So, we just had to kind of fumble our way through it.” 2.4
Learning Curve “everyone always finds it a bit of a learning curve...but after a week or two everyone picks it up very quickly. And then it becomes very easy to do.” 2.2
Buy-in from staff “they can’t see the benefit of using it still. I know that there’s the issues with their formatting, but they’ve been very slow to try and maybe get motivated to use it or try and resolve the issue. So, that’s all been from our end, pushing, pushing, pushing, trying to get them onboard with it. So, I think, once people start using it, then you start to see the benefits of using it and how quick it actually can make things quite efficient.” 2.4