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Table 4 Key factors affecting transfer of knowledge in the field, six months after ACILT’s course (2008–2014)

From: Leveraging gains from African Center for Integrated Laboratory Training to combat HIV epidemic in sub-Saharan Africa

Name of course Positive factors Limiting factor to access resources *Challenges for implementation of ACILT’s course work *How can the course be improved?&
National Laboratory Strategic Plan Team work and staff commitment, Support from management Question not asked Funding, Financial Management: Availability of pledged funds, Lack of support from management Showcase country progress at various avenues
Laboratory Information system Question not asked Question not asked Funding, Lack of support from management/government Extend duration, Add **GIS overview
Biosafety and Biosecurity Question not asked Funding, Lack of support from management Funding: Lack of budget and dependency on donor funds, Lack of support from management Course design and structure, More practical training, Focus on additional specialized risk assessment modules, Certification and support to start the program.
Supply Chain Management system Partner collaboration, Support from Management, Organizational management Funding, Poor data management Availability of data, Funding More training and refresher courses
HIV Viral load/Early Infant Diagnosis Support from management, Team work and staff commitment Question not asked Individuals resistant to change, Transport issues, Instrument errors Extend duration and add refresher courses, Course design and more practical training
HIV Drug resistance Question not asked Question not asked Staff resistant to change, Technical issues Extend duration and change course design and structure
HIV Incidence Assay Previous BED experience, Support from management, IT department and CDC Question not asked Lack of support from management More practical training and more equipment for practical training
  1. *Barring responses from Laboratory Information System and HIV Drug Resistance, all others are overlapping, and not mutually exclusive
  2. & Recommendations for specific topics for future courses can be made available to eligible organizations planning on similar courses
  3. **GIS Geographical Information Systems