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Table 1 Governance Framework Principles

From: Perceptions of provincial and district level managers’ on the policy implementation of school oral health in South Africa

Health Systems Governance Principles Description
Strategic vision There needs to be clear understanding of policy objectives and long term vision
Participation and consensus orientation Participation is necessary among all stakeholders and there should be clarity on how decisions are finalized.
Equity & inclusiveness The allocation of public sector resources needs to be equitable and address financial barriers of the poor.
Rule of law Policies need to be translated to laws or rules which need to be enforced.
Transparency There needs to be transparency in decision making and allocation of resources.
Responsiveness to patient health needs Policies need to be responsive to the needs of the population.
Effectiveness and efficiency The human resource systems and communication processes from leadership need to be effective.
Accountability Mechanisms for overseeing adherence to financial, administrative rules need to be in place.
Intelligence and information There needs to be adequate health systems information and it should be accessible and reliable so that it can be used for decision making.
Ethics Importance needs to be attached to ethics in research and services.
  1. Source: Adopted from Siddiqi et al. [16]