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Table 2 Topic list focus groups

From: Identifying goals, roles and tasks of extended scope physiotherapy in Dutch primary care- an exploratory, qualitative multi-step study

Topic Sample questions (optional)
Goals ESP What do you see as the goal of an ESP?
Tasks ESP Can you give examples of tasks you think an ESP can perform?
Do you think there are tasks that an ESP cannot perform?
Rolls ESP Looking at the roles, which ones would you see being fulfilled by the ESP?
Which roles do not fit with the ESP?
Can you tell whether this changes the collaboration with others?
Supporting conditions Which things does the ESP need to do its job well?
Can you tell what would change in the ESP’s collaboration with others?
Education ESP Can you tell what should be covered in the study program?
What do you think about admission requirements for the study program? Can you think of examples?
Confidence ESP 1. Would you go to an ESP yourself with a complaint? Why?
What would you consider when choosing an ESP or another practitioner?