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Table 2 Exempt from case

From: Interprofessional versus monoprofessional case-based learning in childhood cancer and the effect on healthcare professionals’ knowledge and attitudes: study protocol for a randomised trial

Day 1 Monday
Larry is 14 years ord. His has a high risk Acute Lymphatic Leukaemia (ALL) and follows the treatment protocol of ALL2gether. Today, Larry is admitted to the day hospital for his day 22 chemotherapy, vincristine as a bolus and Daunorubicin over 1 h.
While the nurse administers the chemo to Larry’s central iv line, she asks how he is feeling. Larry tells her that his tummy hurts.
Larry’s mom tells the nurse that she does not think Larry has had stools in 2 days. He does not want to talk about it. Larry’s mom also says that Larry’s legs hurt and that he does not have the strength to come out off bed at home. All he does is lie in the sofa and watch his Ipad. When he does come out of bed, he drags his legs behind him. This morning it took his mom3 h to get out of bed.