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Table 2 List of respondents

From: How the logics of the market, bureaucracy, professionalism and care are reconciled in practice: an empirical ethics approach

   N Level
Total 35  
Experts (including other nursing home managers) 15 Macro
  Director/staff for-profit nursing home (chain-affiliated) 3
Director/staff for-profit nursing home (stand-alone) 3
General sector expert 5
Institutional actor 3
Director/staff non-profit facility 1
Location managers of one of the three for-profit nursing homes included in the case study 4 Macro/Meso
  Owners 3
Manager 1
Employees 7 Meso/Micro
  Nurse 5
Other employee type 2
Residents or family members on behalf of the residents   9 Meso/Micro
  Residents 6
Family of residents 3