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Table 2 Characteristics of in-depth interviewee (returnee migrants) and key informant participants (n = 24)

From: Accessing health services in India: experiences of seasonal migrants returning to Nepal

Characteristics Returnee migrants (n = 12) KII participants (n = 12)
Gender 12 male 10 male, 2 female
Age Age range 23–58 years Age range 23–58 years
Occupation Labour, hotel workers, factory workers Health professionals, NGO staff, local representatives, School teachers
Duration of work 6 months to 39 years 1–12 years
Work place in India*/
Work place in Nepal**
Mumbai-5*, Gujarat-1*, Delhi-3*, Himanchal-2* Achham-2**, Doti-2**, Kailali-2**, Kanchanpur-2**, Banke-2**, Surkhet-2**
  1. *This indicates work place in India for returnee migrants
  2. **This indicates work place in Nepal for KII participants