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Table 3 Factor loadings of a principal axis EFA (one factor solution)

From: Psychometric evaluation of the German version of the Patient Satisfaction with Cancer-related Care questionnaire

No Item Factor 1
7. My questions were answered to my satisfaction .81
11. I was able to get the advice I needed about my health issue .80
15. The doctors seemed to communicate well about my care .77
14. I am satisfied with the care I received .76
6. I felt I had enough time with my doctor .75
1. I felt that my health concerns were understood .72
12. I knew who to contact when I had a question .68
4. I was told how to take care of myself .68
5. I felt encouraged to talk about my personal health concerns .68
3. I felt included in decisions about my health .66
13. I received all the service I needed .64
9. I knew what the next step in my care would be .63
17. I received high quality care from my specialist .62
10. I feel confident in how I deal with the health care system .61
2. I felt that I was treated with courtesy and respect .60
8. Making an appointment was easy .47
16. I received high quality care from my regular doctor .35
18. My regular doctor was informed about the results of the test I got .35