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Table 1 FCCM Package of Services

From: ‘There are no more secrets’: acceptability of a family-centered model of care for HIV positive children in Eswatini

Service Provided during clinic visits
• Adherence assessment for all family members (family centered adherence support)
• Family counselling and assisted disclosure support
• Patient education in the context of the family to increase patient adherence, treatment and viral load literacy in preparation for long-term adherence and/or a change in ART regimen.
• Medical history and examination
• Screening and treating comorbidities/ opportunistic infections
• Refill ARVs and prophylactic medications (Cotrimoxazole (CTX), Isoniazid Preventive Therapy (IPT), Fluconazole) and adjust ART doses and schedule (same appointments for all individuals in the family unit enrolled in the FCCM)
• Laboratory monitoring
• Index testing for family members for ART initiation
• Referrals for other services (social worker support, nutritional support, cervical cancer screening, family planning etc.)