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Table 3 Profile of patients interviewed

From: Can disability accommodation needs stored in electronic health records help providers prepare for patient visits? A qualitative study

Profile characteristic Number of persons
 Female 8
 Male 4
Functional limitations (ACS disability questions, yes or no to each question)
 Deaf or serious difficulty hearing 5
 Blind or difficulty seeing even with glasses 3
 Serious difficulty concentrating, remembering, or making decisions 3
 Serious difficulty walking or climbing stairs 7
 Difficulty dressing or bathing 4
 Difficulty doing errands alone, such as visiting a doctor or shopping 5
Length of time a patient of the Health Center
 0–4 years 3
 5–9 years 5
  > 9 years 4
How long since most recent visit?
 0–30 days 4
 31–60 days 4
  > 60 days 4
Reason for the most recent visit  
 Follow-up for an acute condition 2
 Follow-up for a chronic condition 4
 New acute health problem 2
 Routine check-up 3
 Other 1
Clearly recalls completing the four accommodation questions on the intake form
 Yes 2
 No 10
Rating of importance of assistance or accommodation arrangements to sense of receiving good care
 Very important 12
 Somewhat important 0
 Not important 0