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Table 1 Self-reported variables and instruments at inclusion, 6 and 12 months

From: Implementation of guidelines on family involvement for persons with psychotic disorders in community mental health centres (IFIP): protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial

Variable Instrument Items Scalea
Patients’ self-reported outcomes
 Experience of mental health and functioning Basis-24 [47], The Behavior and Symptom Identification scale 24 L-5
 Quality of life ReQoL-10 [57], The Recovering Quality of Life questionnaire 10 L-5
 Perceived criticism and warmth from relative PCW [58], Perceived criticism and warmth 5 L-10
 Experienced shared decision making CollaboRATE [59] 3 L-10
 General satisfaction MANSA [60], the Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life – first item 1 L-7
 Experienced burden of mental health problems IFIP trial question 1 L-7
Relatives’ self-reported outcomes
 Experienced support CWS v2 [48], Carer Well-being and Support questionnaire, short version part B 18 L-4
 Experience of caregiving ECI [61], The Experience of Care-giving inventory questionnaire 66 L-5
 Caregiver quality of life CarerQoL [62], The Care Related Quality of Life questionnaire 7 L-3
 Experienced shared decision making An instrument inspired by CollaboRATE [59] 3 L-10
 Expressed emotion FQ [63], The Family questionnaire 20 L-4
  1. a L Likert scale and number of steps for each item