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Table 3 Characteristics of a Mentor [26]

From: Developing and implementing a novel mentorship model (4+ 1) for maternal, newborn and child health in Rwanda

Number Characteristic
1 Qualified, competent and experienced in own area of specialization with clinical proficiency and capacity to make decisions
2 Demonstrated willingness to mentor other clinicians through on-site visits
3 Capacity and desire to motivate the mentee to perform well
4 Familiarity with and ability to conduct procedures in accordance with clinical standards and guidelines
5 Ability to facilitate a case discussion
6 Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with staff including provision of constructive, timely, and interactive feedback
7 Ability to gather and analyze data
8 Be a role model and champion of best practices within their own facility
9 Being available and committed to mentorship
10 Demonstrated ability to transfer knowledge and skills
11 Interested in clinical mentorship