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Table 2 Core principles of the TSAM mentorship program

From: Developing and implementing a novel mentorship model (4+ 1) for maternal, newborn and child health in Rwanda

Item # Core Mentorship Principle
1 On-site mentorship by skilled experts
2 Involves interprofessional teams of mentors. Each team included five mentors; a gynecologist/obstetrician, a midwife, a pediatrician, a pediatric nurse and an anesthesiologist.
3 Supported by a platform of ‘cross-cutting themes’ (CCTs).
4 Interdisciplinary team to conduct monthly mentorship visits for three consecutive days. During the lifetime of the project
5 Teams to focus on competency and consistency in mentorship, i.e., mentors would mentor the same mentees at each visit until the mentees reached a level of competency
6 The mentors would receive ongoing support through additional skill development provided through biannual workshops on topics identified by the Action Team.
7 Mentors to support mentees by working side-by-side their mentees.