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Table 4 Key Theme: Experiences related to Stigma and Discrimination towards TB Patient

From: Lived experiences of tuberculosis patients and their implications for early tuberculosis case identification and management in pastoralist community setting: a qualitative study in Borena zone, Oromia region of Ethiopia

Sub Themes Quotes from Participants
Stigma and discrimination at community level Since I was known to have TB and taking drugs, people whom I used to live with were not happy to be with me in the same area or same room. I was left to live alone and I did not have a good feeling at that time … (P-4)
Stigma and discrimination at work place But what I observed in my office was like total discrimination of the sick. They tend to leave the whole office when I come in and that has given me a very bad feeling. I believe such practice may affect treatment seeking of other people who may have the disease … (P-6)
  1. NB. (P-4) and (P-6) are study participants’ codes given in Table 1