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Table 1 Interview Guides (Detailed probing questions not included)

From: Lived experiences of tuberculosis patients and their implications for early tuberculosis case identification and management in pastoralist community setting: a qualitative study in Borena zone, Oromia region of Ethiopia

1 Please, tell me what you knew about tuberculosis before you were informed to have been infected with the disease. Mention signs and symptoms, modes of transmission and method of prevention of the disease that you knew before the diagnosis,
2 Tell me how long you stayed at home before visiting a health facility for medical care after having the signs and symptoms of the disease and why.
3 Where did you seek for the first medical care and why you preferred the facility or the place you mentioned?
4 Describe processes you have passed through to reach the first health facility from the day you experienced its signs and symptoms.
5 Describe your experiences regarding the process went through and the challenges of getting treatment for the disease after reaching the health facility. Please, tell me your experiences in any health facility (private or public),
6 Tell me how at ease you are to inform other people in your community that you have TB infection. Please, also tell me the reasons for why or why not at ease.
7 How do you describe your relationship with other people after you were diagnosed to have contracted TB infection. Is there any change in the relationship? If so, why do you think?
8 Based on your own experience, describe conditions that should be changed to make TB treatment approach more suitable for your community setting.