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Table 4 SAFER Conception sensitivity analyses (2017 $US)

From: Estimated costs for the delivery of safer conception strategies for HIV-discordant couples in Zimbabwe: a cost analysis

   Base Case Adjusted range
Strategy Variable Variable value Strategy cost Variable value Strategy costa
ART-VL Number of VL tests 4 $302 2–8 tests $251–$404
PrEP Price of PrEP (per month) $18 $266 $5.40–$49.00 $166–$513
SW Number of attempts 3 $360 1–6 attempts $171–$644
SW Unit price per SW procedure $101 $360 $84–$219 $317–$885
  1. ART-VL = Antiretroviral therapy with frequent viral load testing. AVI = Artificial vaginal insemination, at home. PrEP = Pre-exposure prophylaxis. SW = Semen-washing
  2. aTotal strategy costs are for 6 months of conception attempts, plus a 2-month run-in period prior to attempting conception