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Table 1 Definitions used for outpatient health facilities in Ukraine

From: Preparedness of outpatient health facilities for ambulatory treatment with all-oral short DR-TB treatment regimens in Zhytomyr, Ukraine: a cross-sectional study

Facility type Definition
Ambulatory A subunit of the treatment and preventive services of the primary health care centre (PHC), providing primary care to the population of its catchment area, including emergency medical care. An ambulatory can serve over 1500 people in the city and over 1200 people in rural areas, and at least one family doctor works there [20].
Family doctor or general practitioner A doctor who has received specialised multidisciplinary training to provide primary health care to patients of any age and gender. Family doctors can work independently or in an outpatient clinic [20].
Health post or medical midwife/paramedic point or feldsher point A separate structural unit linked to the ambulatory arm of the PHC centre, which provides pre-hospital medical care to the population in one or more localities where there are no other providers of free primary care. A health post is administered by a clinician (called feldsher, hereafter referred to as nurse practitioner) to whom residents of the locality(s) where the health post is located are attached [20].
Polyclinic An outpatient unit of a multidisciplinary or specialised hospital (secondary level) where consultations by different medical specialist are available. Prescriptions are usually filled at a pharmacy outside the polyclinic. The number of doctors and nurses available is proportional to the population of the area served [21].
Primary health care centre A health care facility established to meet the needs of the population in the catchment area in primary care. The structure of the PHC centre includes a treatment and prevention department (i.e. ambulatories and health posts) and an administrative unit [20].
TB-unit or TB-cabinet A specialised institution where preventive, diagnostic and treatment services for tuberculosis are provided. Such institutions may be a structural subdivision of a hospital, or outpatient facilities [22].
  1. The names used in this text are written in bold
  2. PHC primary health care centre, TB tuberculosis