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Table 2 Availability of adolescent-friendly health services at the 69 health facilities surveyed

From: Uptake of HIV testing among adolescents and associated adolescent-friendly services

% (N)
 Total hours open per week for adolescent HIV testing(mean) 61.2
 Has flexible hours for adolescents 14.5 (10)
 Staff participated in school meetings to inform parents/guardians about health services available to adolescents 33.3 (23)
 Staff participated in community meetings to inform youth and other organizations about health services available for adolescents 49.3 (34)
 Has communication support materials 17.4 (12)
 Has a separate waiting room for adolescent patients 5.8 (4)
 Has a referral system 11.6 (8)
 receives supervisory visits 18.8 (13)
 Offers contraceptive counselling and services to all adolescents 91.3 (63)
 Offers HIV services for all adolescents 100
 Has Policies/guidelines/procedures with regard to adolescents 37.7 (26)
 Essential services available
  HIV testing/counseling 100
  HIV treatment 94.2 (65)
  Other STI testing/counseling 97.1 (67)
  Gender-based violence services 43.5 (30)
  Family planning/contraceptives 100