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Table 1 Operational definitions of minimum standards for Primary Health Care in Nigeria

From: Assessment of health service delivery parameters in Kano and Zamfara States, Nigeria

Functional health facility: A place where clinical services are provided by health care workers, utilized by clients, and has a suitable infrastructure.
All functional health facilities are to submit monthly reports of aggregated data into NHMIS using the monthly summary form.
Primary Health Care (PHC) consists of Health Post, Health Clinic and Primary Health Centre
The minimum human resource requirements for PHC
Health Post Junior Community Health Extension Worker (JCHEW) – 1, Health attendant - 1
Health Clinic Nurses/Midwife – 2, Community Health Extension Worker (CHEW) – 2, JCHEWs - 4, Health attendant/assistant - 2
Primary Health Centre Medical doctor - 1, Community Health Officer (CHO) - 1, nurses/midwife - 4, Pharmacy technician - 1, CHEW - 3, JCHEW - 6, Environmental Health Officer (EHO) - 1, Medical Records Officer - 1, Laboratory technician - 1, Health attendant/assistant - 2