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Table 1 Characteristics of study setting [24,25,26,27]

From: Factors influencing the use of video interpretation compared to in-person interpretation in hospitals: a qualitative study

  Austria Norway
Population size 8.77 mil. 5.29 mil.
Immigrants 15.3% (mostly European countries, and Asia) 14.1% (mostly European countries, and Asia)
English as official language No No
Population diversity reflected in workforce of healthcare system No No
Patient’s right to information about care Yes Yes
Healthcare personnel responsible for providing professional interpreters Yes Yes
Public/private financing of interpretation services In-patient care: majority public, free at the point of access
Patients not attending scheduled visit with interpreter must pay a fine
In-patient care: public, free at the point of access
National guidelines about when/how to use interpreters No No
Specific regulations apply to refugees /asylum seekers: entitlements restricted to basic healthcare Yes Yes