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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Economic impact of clinical decision support interventions based on electronic health records

  Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Type of decision support intervention Any real-time and near real-time (point-of-care) computerized clinical decision intervention based on an EHR − Decision support via e-mail, telephone contact, expert training or workshop, non-computerized education materials, or other behavioral economics interventions, such as accountable justification, i.e., free text entry, or peer comparison via e-mail
− Retrospectively generated EHR based CDS alerts, e.g., for retrospective comparison or estimation
− Basic CPOE without any decision stewardship
− Cost or price display in order to facilitate cost-consciousness
− BPA for EHR based patient recruitment for clinical trials
− CDS for transitional care to improve post-discharge utilization and discharge management, i.e., process management
− CDS usage for resource management, e.g., nurse staffing
− EHR based CDS usage support through pay4performance incentives
Economic outcome Monetary outcome data reported through quantitative cost-calculations or estimated through clinical trial-based modelling techniques Other economic outcome measures, e.g., length of stay, amount of emergency department visits or primary care consultations