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Table 5 Educational Factors Themes

From: How does GP training impact rural and remote underserved communities? Exploring community and professional perceptions

Theme Description Example
Rural Pathway Medicine perceived as a viable option for rural communities “Having that visibility of [the university] in the community shows people that there is another option for them … they don’t have to go to Brisbane … because if they go to Brisbane, they often never come back.” (Community 21)
“I think that there are more and more local people, even … students from our high school that have been looking into medicine.” (Community 9)
Symbiotic Relationships Registrars learn from the community “I think [the registrars] probably learn a lot from people out here because … most people sort of say it as it is and they won’t beat around the bush with them … And I think they’ll benefit from that sort of interaction.” (Community 12)
… two things, to let us understand what they’re all about and then to get an understanding of what a rural community is and how it functions.” (Community 20)