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Table 4 Social Factors Themes

From: How does GP training impact rural and remote underserved communities? Exploring community and professional perceptions

Theme Description Example
Community Participation Registrars’ participation within the community outside of work … I do hear anecdotally that the doctors are out and about and they attend the local hotels and community events.” (Community 20)
… from our point of view, it’s been really good and you meet quite a lot of them. The thing I like about it is that they get involved in the community.” (Community 2)
Relationships Relationship between the community and healthcare services … it’s probably the best sort of relationship between the community and the, hospital there has been … they tend to participate more in the community so you’re actually meeting them in other social aspects and things like that that you might not have before.” (Community 13)
“There’s a good relationship, I must say … the trust in the hospital is really good.” (Community 20)