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Table 3 Financial Factors Themes

From: How does GP training impact rural and remote underserved communities? Exploring community and professional perceptions

Theme Description Example
General Spending Economic contribution from spending in community “The doctors come out, they spend their money and like everyone else, they just put their money through the town and it bolsters things.” (Community 12)
… they buy their groceries, they pay their rent or use whatever local businesses they can. So obviously the more people you can attract to a small community, it affects the economy of the town.” (Community 3)
Employment Employment due to training … the staff numbers have increased.” (Community 4)
… there are a certain number of people that have gained employment, whether it be full-time or part-time.” (Community 9)
Housing Housing for registrars “There’s extra housing available.” (Community 4)
… I know they rent homes for them which is a blessing for people that own homes that can’t be, occupied.” (Community 11)
Infrastructure Health care infrastructure … there’s construction work being done to extend the practice. There’s rooms being rented by visiting services.” (Community 4)
… we’ve got the [university] campus in town, and that’s used for nursing training and other things as well.” (Supervisor 5)