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Table 2 Stakeholder involvement in Theory of Change workshops

From: Planning the scale up of brief psychological interventions using theory of change

Country /date Stakeholders No. of participants
Turkey (Group PM+), November 2018 National and international academics and mental health/conflict researchers from universities in Turkey, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands; personnel from national and international non-governmental organisations such as the UN Refugee Agency, Relief International Turkey, the War Trauma Foundation, and the International Blue Crescent; mental health professionals from local hospitals and community centres; government officials from the Ministry of Health in Ankara 20
The Netherlands (Individual PM+), July 2019 Officials from local non-governmental organisations such as I-psy, Pharos, Veldzicht (Centre for Transcultural Psychiatry) and the War Trauma Foundation; community health care workers; mental health professionals working with Syrian refugees (including one psychiatrist from Syria), conflict and health researchers from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands 22
Lebanon (Early Adolescent Skills for Emotions, EASE), September 2019 National/international academics and mental health/health system’s researchers from universities in Lebanon, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom; officials from local non-governmental organisations such as War Child Holland; officials from international organisations such as UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency, Geneva and Beirut); community health care workers working with Syrian refugees; mental health service providers; and representatives from the Ministry of Public Health (Mental Health section) in Lebanon 15