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Table 1 Topic guide

From: Motivations, experiences and aspirations of trainee nursing associates in England: a qualitative study

Motivations for undertaking TNA training
What motivated you to undertake NA training?
Where has everyone worked prior to starting NA training and in what role?
Can you talk about the reasons for applying for NA training?
Why not stay in your previous role?
What are the benefits of being an NA?
Experiences of NA training
What’s it like being a TNA?
• What were your expectations?
• Has the TNA role met your expectations?
• What do you like best about the new role?
• What do you think some of the problems are?
• How does being a TNA differ from your previous roles?
• How does mentoring/supervision work?
What are your experiences of learning in practice?
• How do other healthcare professionals respond to your new role?
• Where do you view the TNA role in the wider health care team?
• What sorts of factors influence your confidence in the role
Aspirations for future development/ transition to registered nurse
What are your thoughts about what you’ll do after NA training?
• Do you see this as a route into nursing?
• What are the benefits of this route into nursing?
If you could say one thing you’ve come away with from the training what would it be?
Is there anything else you would like to say about your experiences of being a TNA?