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Table 1 Search strategya

From: What works, why and how? A scoping review and logic model of rural clinical placements for allied health students

Process Detail
Sampling strategy Selective: samples databases from medicine, nursing, allied health and social science fields within specified limits.
Type of study All, quantitative research (randomised controlled trial, controlled clinical trial, controlled before and after study, uncontrolled before and after study), qualitative (grounded theory, ethnography, action research, exploratory approaches, phenomenology, and systematic reviews).
Approaches Subject searching, citation searching, contact with authors.
Range of years January 1995–May 2019.
Limits English, human.
Inclusion and exclusionsb Inclusion: empirical study of an intervention aimed at allied healthc student clinical placements undertaken in regional, remote and/or rural areas.
Exclusions: developing country health care, non-empirical research (grey literature, commentary, editorial, discussion piece), conference abstracts, not allied health (medicine, nursing, dental), not rural/remote/regional, not clinical placement interventions or models, not theses/dissertations.
Terms usedc ‘Clinical fieldwork’ OR ‘workplace learning’ OR ‘Student Placement’ OR ‘Work practicum’ OR ‘Clinical placement’ OR ‘Field work’ AND
‘Audiologists’ OR ‘Art therapists’ OR ‘Chiropractors’ OR ‘Dietetic Technicians, Registered’ OR ‘Dietitians’ OR ‘Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists’ OR ‘Exercise Physiologists’ OR ‘Emergency Medical Technicians’ OR ‘Diabetes Educators’ OR ‘Lactation Consultants’ OR ‘Childbirth Educators’ OR ‘Phlebotomists’ OR ‘Medical Technologists’ OR ‘Medical Laboratory Technicians’ OR ‘Music Therapists’ OR ‘Cytotechnologists’ OR ‘Laboratory Personnel’ OR ‘Occupational Therapists’ OR ‘Occupational Therapy Assistants’ OR ‘Ophthalmic Technologists’ OR ‘Optometrist’ OR ‘Orthopedic Technologists’ OR ‘Orthoptists’ OR ‘Prosthetists’ OR ‘Osteopaths’ OR ‘Pharmacist’ OR ‘Pharmacy Technicians’ OR ‘Physical Therapist Assistants’ OR ‘Physical Therapists’ OR ‘Physician Assistants’ OR ‘Physiotherapists’ OR ‘Podiatrists’ OR ‘Psychologists’ OR ‘Ultrasound Technologists’ OR ‘Radiologic Technologists’ OR ‘Radiation Therapy Technologists’ OR ‘Radiology Personnel’ OR ‘Radiographers’ OR ‘Nutritionists’ OR ‘Nuclear Medicine Technicians’ OR ‘Recreational Therapists’ OR ‘Surgical Technologists’ OR ‘Speech-Language Pathologists’ OR ‘Speech-Language Pathology Assistants’ OR ‘Social Workers’ OR ‘Respiratory Therapists’ OR ‘Registered Care Technologists’ OR ‘Health Educators’ OR ‘Dialysis Technicians’ OR ‘Allied Health Personnel’ OR ‘Allied Health Professional’ AND
‘Remote’ OR ‘Regional’ OR ‘Rural’
Electronic sources Academic Search Premier; CINAHL; EMCARE; InfoRMIT:Health Collection; MEDLINE; ProQuest.
  1. aAdapted from STARLITE principles for reporting systematic literature reviews [29]; bdetailed in Fig. 2 decision tree; cAllied Health terms taken from SARRAH, Allied Health portfolio of HETI, Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) websites (; and