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Table 1 General characteristics of the included method papers

From: Approaches of integrating the development of guidelines and quality indicators: a systematic review

Reference Institution (country) Topic Setting Funding
Advani 2003 [26] BMIR (US) Hypertension Public
AHCPR 1995 [27]
AHRQ 1995 [28]
Hughes 2008 [8]
AHRQ (US) Combined public/private
AQUA 2010 [29]
AQUA 2013 [7]
AQUA (DE) Not reported
ÄZQ 2011 [30]
Nothacker 2011 [6]
ÄZQ (DE) Chronic heart failure Public/private
Baker 1995 [31] Eli Lilly National Clinical Audit Centre (UK) Not reported
Bayley 2018 [15] Institute National d‘Excellence en sante et en services sociaux (INESS/ONF) (CA) Traumatic brain injury Public
Califf 2002 [32] DCRI (US) Cardiovascular medicine All Public
Cottrell 2018 [24] American Rhinological Society (US) Chronic rhinosinusitus All Not reported
Cheng 2010 [9] American Academy of Neurology (US) Parkinson disease All Not reported
Davies 2011 [19] University Bristol (UK) Wound, end of life and diabetes care Outpatient care Public
Duffy 2005 [33] APIRE (US) Bipolar disorder Outpatient care Not reported
Fiset 2019 [23] University of Ottawa School of Nursing (CA) Pain management Inpatient, outpatient, long-term care, palliative Not reported
Follmann 2017 [14] German Guideline Program in Oncology (GGPO) (DE) Oncology   Not reported
Golden 2008 [34] UAMS (US) Bipolar disorder Rehabilitation Public
Graham 2009 [35] Immpact (UK) All Public
Hommel 2016 [16] Internal Medicine and IQ healthcare, Radboud UMC (NL) Perioperative diabetes care All Public
Hutchinson 2003 [36] ScHARR (UK) CHD Hospital Combinedpublic/private
Kahn 2014 [11] American Thoracic Society (ATS) (US) Pulmonary, critical care, and sleep medicine Not reported
Laclair 2001 [37] VA Medical Center (US) Stroke Rehabilitation Public
Luitjes 2013 [25] Dutch Society for Obstetrics and Gynaecology and IQ healthcare, Radboud UMC (NL) Hypertensive diseases in pregnancy Hospital Public
Mazzone 2014 [10] American College of Chest Physicians (CHEST)(US) Lung cancer District nursing Private non-profit
Rushforth 2015 [20] University Leeds (UK) Hospital Public
Schleedoorn 2016 [13] EndoKey Group (international) Endometriosis Hospital No funding
Spertus 2005 [38]
Spertus 2010 [5]
American Heart Association (US) Hospital Public
Sutcliffe 2012 [18] NICE (UK) Primary care Public
Ten Berg 2019 [21] Dutch Childhood Oncology Group Pediatric febrile neutropenia Hospital Public
Ueda 2019 [22] Kyoto University, Nara Medical University (Japan) Low-risk labour care Hospitals Public
Vasse 2012 [17] International Psychosocial care in dementia All Public
Werbrouck 2013 [12] EFFECT project/KCE (BE) Uterine cancer Hospital Private non-profit
Wollersheim 2007 [39] IQ healthcare, Radboud UMC (NL) Oncology, diabetes, antibiotics for pneumonia Not reported