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Table 8 A description of levels of expertise (adapted from NIHR / CRN Integrated Workforce Framework (IWF) levels [44])

From: Developing a consolidated research framework for clinical allied health professionals practising in the UK

Awareness Awareness of the applied research context and who/where to go to if xyz happens. Demonstrate understanding of how your work fits within this context. e.g. Junior Practitioner
Core Have working knowledge and skill within your working area. i.e. not assumed to be transferrable; can be learnt even if technically tricky where the context is predictable. Able to support Awareness level. Work under guidance and within defined parameters and make judgements between a predefined range of options. e.g. Established Practitioner
Intermediate Able to transfer/adapt knowledge and skill to different areas/topics that may be unpredictable. Able to support the Core and Awareness levels. Prioritises own work/activities, demonstrates experience of working in a complex environment and shows creativity in developing solutions by determining the options. e.g.
Clinical Researcher
Advanced Clinical Practitioner
Advanced Specialist Practitioners
Advanced Able to apply knowledge and skill in highly complex and unpredictable research areas and contexts. Able to support all other levels. Provides leadership and takes overall responsibility, making complex or highly complex judgements. Conceives, designs develops and adapts solutions through critical analysis, evaluation and synthesis. Advanced Specialist Practitioners
Consultant Practitioner
Professor of Clinical Research/ Practice