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Table 1 Participants characteristics

From: Challenges in health service delivery under public-private partnership in Tanzania: stakeholders’ views from Dar es Salaam region

Category Participants No. of interview Responsibility Experience
Government MoHCDGEC 2 Formulating, reviewing, implementing and monitoring of the Ministry’s policies. 10+ years
District Health Office 3 Implementation and monitoring of health programmes within the district and providing guidance and assistance to personnel.
Liaising with other district authorities, higher authorities in the health sector and also performing other administrative duties in the district.
Planning and budgeting for health service delivery in the district; mobilising financial, medical and human resources.
Preparing health development plans on the basis of national policies and direction.
Health facilities team 3 Overall supervision of health services delivered at facilities and supervision of staff.
Ensuring smooth implementation and mainstreaming of government programs at the facilities and in the communities.
Preparing budgets, ensuring safe custody of medical supplies and equipment, as well as delivering professional medical services.
Private Hospital management team 3 Preparing budgets and supervising the procurement process.
Ensuring safe custody of medical supplies and equipment.
Coordination with stakeholders.
General administration and discipline of staff.
Conducting periodic progress and review exercises.
Health centers management team 3 Providing and maintaining up to date inventory of facilities and equipment.
Ensuring efficient and effective delivery of services.
Supervising health education of patients and the community around.
Making proper diagnosis of diseases, prescribe treatment, treat minor injuries, attend general outpatient clinics.
Supervising and monitoring staff performance and activities.
Total   14