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Table 1 Global surgery indicators to measure universal surgical access

From: A geospatial analysis of two-hour surgical access to district hospitals in South Africa

Indicator 2030 Targets (per country)
Two-hour access to timely surgery Minimum 80% of the population with access to a facility that can perform a caesarean delivery, laparotomy, and treatment of open fracture (the bellwether procedures) within 2 hours
Specialist surgical workforce density 20 surgical, anesthetic, and obstetric doctors per 100,000
Surgical volume Minimum of 5000 procedures per 100,000; 100% countries tracking
Perioperative mortality 100% countries tracking
Protection against impoverishing expenditure 100% protection against impoverishment from out-of-pocket payments for surgery and anesthesia
Protection against catastrophic expenditure 100% protection against catastrophic expenditure from out-of-pocket payments for surgery and anesthesia
  1. Adapted from Meara JG, Leather AJ, Hagander L, Alkire BC, Alonso N, Ameh EA, et al. Global Surgery 2030: evidence and solutions for achieving health, welfare, and economic development. Lancet 2015; 386 (9993): 569–624