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Table 7 Total public healthcare expenditure and ERAS-generated saving (€)

From: Introducing enhanced recovery after surgery in a high-volume orthopaedic hospital: a health technology assessment

  2017 (conventional) 1-year ERAS
Number of patients treated annually for hip and knee JA. 1271 1271 (projection of 100% ERAS pathway replacement rate).
Average cost of hospitalization to orthopaedic surgery for 1 patient (total costs per medical procedure: € 218.14, multiplied by average LOS for conventional procedure: 9.7 days; and ERAS pathway: 4.6). 2110.50 1036.24
Total expenditure for 1 year. 2,682,445.50 1,317,061.64
Average cost of surgery for 1 patient (total costs to perform a surgical procedure). 1848.52 1848.52
Total expenditure for 1 year. 2349,468.92 2349,468.92
Average cost or rehabilitation for 1 patient. 2244.77 2244.77
Number of patients rehabilitated. 1118 (88% of patients admitted to the conventional treatment). 813 (64% of patients admitted to the ERAS pathway, calculated out of the projection).
Annual total health care expenditure. 7,542,644.77 5,488,521.33
ERAS pathway-induced savings in case of entire replacement
of the conventional treatment.
/ 2054, 123.44